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How to get back on track after the holidays

You aren't alone if you've ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation : getting back to work after a long and relaxing holiday can be quite hard, here are 10 tips to help you push past that post-vacation dread and get you back on track

1. Plan your return: consider instead to come back one or two days before your job begins and get a more quit, it can lessen the impact that first day back at the office

2. Build in some transition time if possible, do not schedule meetings during your first days back, you need time to prepare and get ready.

3. Make a list of items that must get done on your first days back and try to prioritize your tasks.

4. Get organized: take the first hour back at work to get yourself re-situated and organized

5. Listen to music: it helps you concentrate enough to be able to do your work.

6. Just do it and do it together: speak to your colleagues you can give each other pep talks.

7. Drinks lot of water and increase your green food intake

8. Focus on the positive and avoid the negative.

9. purge your inbox: instead of checking them out in chronological order, it might make more sense to sort your emails by sender now that you've talked to your boss and colleagues and have a general idea of what and who are particularly important right then.

10. Get straight into it: it is common to have a lack of motivation, try to formulate your purpose and don’t procrastinate or delay.

Last but not least be kind to yourself and remember that you deserved your vacation and the time it takes to recover from it. Take about a five or ten-minute break every three hours to decompress and relax. It may seem impossible, but you'll make it through. Focus on one thing at a time.

Please leave us your comment or your best tips!

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