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How to deal with Redundancy: the consequence of this pandemic is not your fault

Dealing with redundancy can be hard to deal with at the best of times let alone the current lockdown situation when there is so much uncertainty about how and when work and normal life will resume.

If you are selected for redundancy, try to remember it is not personal because you haven’t been made redundant just your job has and there is some solace in this but it’s often hard to find.

Often it is exactly these situations which can lead to something much better, so how do you cope your redundancy?

We’ve put together a few tips to help you make the best out of this situation:

1) Focus your job search

You need to be prepared to throw yourself into your job search, don’t rush into applying for any or every job that comes up regardless of its suitability, instead make a list of the jobs you can see yourself doing and study job descriptions to identify which resonate most with you, your skills and interests. Do your research It will be a changed job market post-lockdown and while some sectors may still be struggling there will be others which are more robust and in growth mode.

2) Brush up your employability

Spend time improving your skills the workplace is becoming more and more competitive, and you can ensure that you increase your employability by improving your communication skills, teamwork skills, self-management skills, and social media skills.

3) Take time to review and optimize up your CV

Your last application was very long time ago and in the meanwhile you developed new skills, in your previous job you took new tasks and new knowledge now it’s the perfect time to show them on your cv.

4) Submit a job application after redundancy

Remember to treat every application as if it is the only one you are making customizing your cv: tailor your skills to match the key terms in the job description, customize your title and you search company values you can spot those values in the context of your accomplishments and experience.

5) Think Positive

This is certainly a difficult time for everyone. However, redundancy does give you the opportunity to think about what you really want for the future, stay positive about your future after redundancy by maintaining your right to be selective.

If you need advice in preparing and updating your Curriculum Vitae you can ask for a free consultation to

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